eTime Application

eTime - Electronic Time Management

eTime - Electronic Time Management

One application to submit weekly TimeSheets, request time off, swap days, and view  attendance status reports.

Goal: To have one centralized system to help manage the telecommuting schedule in a team, and replace status email list.

User Roles

The following user roles were implemented:

Staff member - Manager - Administrator

These roles are hierarchical - a manager is also a staff member; an administrator will also be a manager and a staff member.

Technical Considerations

eTime Journey Map

The application should use central authentication - preferably Shibboleth, but at the very least LDAP or AD.

The application can be written in whatever platform, as long as it's one of our currently targeted platforms (Java, PHP, .NET).  Building this in SharePoint or Drupal is acceptable but not a requirement. 

For a database, given provisioning considerations, strongly recommend the use MySQL.

I built the app on an existing dev environment. 

Extras applied but not required

Responsive design, A native mobile app.

Integration with Google Calendar (currently done), Jabber or Lync to update your status for the day.

User profiles (pictures, contact info from the directory, titles)


As a staff member, I should be able to:

...see the days that I'm scheduled in and out of the office.

...request a "swap" to change the schedule on a selected day, which must be approved by my team's manager.

...indicate that I am taking leave for a day or range of days on a presubmitted basis.

...indicate my location for the current day (1300/575/remote/offsite/sick/PT/etc.)

...quickly/easily see where the other members of my team or the department are on a given day.

As a manager, I should be able to:

...quickly/easily see the planned schedule for my staff over the coming days.

...change the schedule for my staff members, either on an instance basis or a recurring one.

...approve "swaps" and "day trades" for my staff members.

As an administrator, I should be able to:

...create/edit/delete "units" that contain one manager and one or more staff members.  (Think of these as ITS divisions.)

...add/edit/delete users from the system.

...edit the schedule for any staff member.

...the ability to add WCMC holidays so that days don't appear on people's schedules.