fourCAB is an app built on top of the foursquare and Twilio APIs

Project submitted as a group. It was part of a Foursquare Hackathon

Logo I designed for the APP

Logo I designed for the APP

What does fourCAB do? - (note this app came out before UBER)
 saves taxi riders' cash! fourCAB connects people checked into a venue (or nearby) who want to share a taxi to nearby destinations

How does fourcab work?

  1. fourcab accesses a user's most recent check-in from foursquare, and prompts them to pick a destination
  2. fourcab compares that route with nearby users and texts notifications via Twilio
  3. users see each others' foursquare profile pictures so they can meet up to share a ride!

(Note: Our twilio trial account won't SMS people that aren't developers yet. You can see the SMS functionality in the video linked below)

What platforms does it run on?
We built alpha versions for both iOS and Android. 
You can download the Android alpha 

What else should I know?

@LeapCameron @andrewffff @vivitoon @fourcab picture of the team!