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Responsive Design   - Page Link
Research, User Experience and Information Architecture - Sitemap and Wireframes
Content enhanced to showcase accomplishments.



  • The client wanted a centralized location for information on policies, programs and news related to the efforts of the Office of Diversity & Inclusion, with an interactive way to supply information.

  • Targeted content towards prospective students including an alumni spotlight, information on core pipeline programs and diversity testimonials

  • Resources available for Faculty and Staff including opportunities, faculty development tools and grant/fellowship availability

  • Responsive design for optimized display on tablets and mobile devices

  • The content is powered by Drupal content management system (CMS) allowing for real-time content edits

  • Scalability for future enhancements and features

  • Design and aesthetic correctly representing the Weill Cornell Medicine new brand identity

On behalf of all the Diversity council members, I would like to thank each and every one of you for helping bring our visions to life.
— Michelle Bekman, MHA Practice Administrator Department of Surgery Breast and Plastic Surgery Diversity Council

Coded the responsive design